Joining Databricks#

March 19, 2024

We are very excited to announce that we are joining Databricks, the leading Data Intelligence Platform.

We started Lilac in 2023, after a decade at Google, with the mission of completely rethinking the unstructured data paradigms for the developers of AI models by making the manipulation of Generative AI data possible, and enjoyable. Our journey this past year has made it clear that there is a huge appetite for a solution to one of the hardest problems in AI: how do we build and evaluate high-quality datasets for custom AI systems?

We believe that bringing the real-time, interactive data curation experience of Lilac to Databricks’ enterprise-scale platform will enable businesses to have much more visibility and control over their unstructured data. This will enable world-class, customizable AI products that serve end-users.

Joining forces with Databricks will enable an entirely new class of enterprise developers to unlock the potential of their data with Generative AI, with just a few clicks.

We are incredibly thankful to the Lilac community, and all of the brilliant users that we’ve built relationships with – we’re excited to build with you on this next chapter of the Lilac journey.